So what is greatness? If you’re a frequent reader of these tidbits you’ll assume correctly that I don’t equate greatness with fame. Almost anyone can be famous but not just anyone can be great. So there has to be an intrinsic quality to greatness that escapes a lot of people.

When I take a look at some of my heroes that I consider great I see certain characteristics that are common among them. One of those characteristics is what I’d refer to as a systematic consistency in being. To be great in the true sense of the word, you almost need to have greatness for breakfast every day. That’s being. In that context greatness is more like a pursuit than an accomplishment.

Since the publication of Francis Galton’s book “Hereditary Genius” in 1869, and especially with the accelerated development of intelligence tests in the early 1900s, there has been a vast amount of social scientific research published relative to the question of greatness. Battles over the topic of greatness have focused around the questions of ‘nature vs. nurture’ or ‘person vs. context’.

I believe that both your parents and the environment have a huge impact on whether you choose greatness or not. However, God gave you the power of choice that is available at every stage of your life. The problem at times is in acknowledging that you have such choices in the first place.

I also believe that everyone is born with the possibility of being great. When we take a look at the long list of people who have been great, we’ll find them in all walks of life. Somewhere along the way, a choice is made and the pursuit begins. One is never too young or too old to be great. Race, culture, language, height, gender and the many nuances that make us different cannot overcome our power to choose greatness.

Unfortunately many have allowed society’s negative nurturing to purge their minds of their power. The reality is, wherever you are right now, you still have a shot at greatness since you still have that intrinsic power of choice.

For greatness to grow it has to be planted in the soul. It has to be seen as a possibility. For you to begin this pursuit you must begin where you are right now using it as a seed and decide to be great at. Your seed doesn’t have to be big, just potent. There’s at least one thing you do very well; you know it and others know it. What would it take for you to decide and choose to be great at doing just that one thing. When greatness is planted it must be watered by consistent action and persistent accountability.

I happen to know you can be great if you make the choice. I’ve seen it happen many times. You can be great if you remember that greatness is first noticed by the one who chose to be great. Whether others notice or not is really immaterial. True greatness is first an inside experience that seeps out slowly like a bud bursting out of the ground after operating under cover for a long time.

So what will it take for you to decide to connect with your inner greatness?

Go with the strength you have. Judg 6:14

Wilny Audain
Self-Esteem Strategist